Saturday, March 12, 2011

Casanova Arrives!!!

Today was an exciting day! We drove 2 hours each way to get him in a small town of Braymer, Missouri and adopted our new Sphynx cat named Casanova!!! He is very sweet and loving and loves to lie down under the covers and purr and snuggle.  Will let you know how he is over the next few days.


  1. Casanova is so cute and I am sure he will love living with you!!!! I know you love him!

  2. Ava, your blog very good, better than mine..
    I'm Imoe, your FB furriend, and Yogi furriend. congrats on adopting lovely Casanova. he's very cute and very pink. don't let him too big like Yogi.

  3. Ava, your new kitty is so cute! I'll bet he will be very happy in his new home with you.

  4. Casanova is a beautiful cat! You has a great new friend!